What is a C-section?

A C-section, also known as a cesarean, is a surgical procedure and type of delivery. Women who undergo a cesarean experience various challenges post-delivery that require the right care and time to heal.

Why should women visit One Little Bird?

One Little Bird is an online platform founded by a mother for other mothers. We share essential information and experiences with other mothers. Some topics of focus include C-section, home management, cooking tips, travel and lifestyle.

Can I access recipes on your site?

Yes. Under the section for cooking tips, we offer various information on different foods, including ingredients, cooking methods and recipes. We also review various foods to help you prepare tasty meals for your family.

I live a vegetarian lifestyle. Is there something for me on your platform?

We cover various lifestyles under the lifestyle section. You’ll find information and tips on vegetarian and vegan lifestyles to keep you informed.

I’m a newly-married woman. Can I find essential tips for home management on your platform?

Yes. Navigate to the home management section to find relevant tips. Go through various resources available under the section to learn how to management your new home.

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